We created a not-so-basic brand launch campaign.

We created a not-so-basic brand launch campaign.
Amazon Basics

Everyone knows Amazon — the behemoth brand that sells pretty much everything. But fewer people know Amazon Basics — an Amazon sub-brand that sells almost everything.

Our challenge was to establish Amazon Basics as a bonafide brand and to differentiate it from Amazon.

The problem: people assumed Amazon Basics products were just 3rd party products sold by Amazon. When in reality, Amazon Basics is a stand-alone brand that develops a wide range of high-quality, low-cost products to fit everyday living, across almost every category.

We began by creating the tagline, Life’s Everyday Basics, from Amazon Basics, and used it to pay off the playful and informative tone we established across all brand messaging.

Then we created and designed a highly templatized and flexible design system that allowed all Amazon Basics products to be featured efficiently. A key element of that system was a color-coded theme that differentiated product categories and drove visual consistency across all Amazon Basics messaging while further establishing brand equity.

As we were busy at work building the Amazon Basics brand, a pandemic was busy at work changing life and consumer behavior as we knew it. We identified a spike in the Amazon Basics pets category and seized the opportunity to connect with #pawrents by creating fun online video content. All videos were created with existing footage and cut remotely during the COVID crisis.

The campaign has exceeded Amazon’s benchmarks for creative performance and return on ad spend by over 6X, and proven that there’s nothing basic about the Amazon Basics campaign.

Dramatically exceeded the target return on ad spend for Amazon Basics.

Drove unprecedented brand loyalty with repeat purchasers.
Sales attributed to the campaign set a new standard for Amazon brands