Launching a brand in 36 days.

We built a breakthrough brand and launched it in 36 days.
Amazon, Rivet

The furniture and home decor category is going through a seismic shift. New online marketplaces are changing the way consumers shop for their home. Not to be outdone, ecommerce titan Amazon introduced their own private label brand, Rivet, offering stylish and affordable furniture and home decor items available exclusively through Amazon.com.

With a solid offering in place, Amazon engaged Doner LA to help introduce Rivet to the world – building equity in the Rivet brand name while delivering against aggressive advertising ROI expectations.

Moving at the speed of the internet (and modern brands), we had 36 days from the initial phone call to launch. And while some brand elements were already established, Doner was tasked with everything from brand positioning to creative, and determining how to bring it to life both online and in person.

We built four pop-up locations for consumers to experience the brand – an unusual opportunity for an online retailer – as we simultaneously created Rivet's very first online presence on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, created dynamic banners bringing Rivet to life, engaged influencers for added firepower, and crafted transaction-driving lower-funnel communications.

Exceeded ROAS goals, proving the case for ongoing investment.

Gained 5,500+ organic followers in 90 days.
Four pop-ups with a total reach of 500,000+.
Of unique content launched in 90 days.
Average daily impressions.
Of non-stop community management.