We inspired the world to be better losers.

We inspired the world to be better losers.
The Biggest Loser

After 4-years off the air, America’s pioneering weight loss reality competition, The Biggest Loser, is back. But they needed to leave their reputation for being a show about quick fix, short-term health goals behind them. The new and improved approach would help contestants achieve long-term weight loss and positive mental growth to achieve lasting transformation.

With the launch date set for January 28, 2020, we centered the campaign around the one thing on everyone’s mind this time of year: maintaining their New Year’s resolutions. So we became fitness and life coaches for the whole world—or at least our campaign did. We created 1,400 unique motivational posters that encouraged people to stay active and make good choices. Then we strategically placed the posters in locations where resolution strivers were working hard on their new year, new self. From athletic store windows to health food establishments and as paths along mall floors (yes, mall cardio is a thing), the new and improved Biggest Loser was there cheering them on.

The highlight of the campaign took place on the iconic "Rocky Steps" in Philadelphia. We made history as the first brand the city allowed to place advertising on the stairs as they believed so strongly in the campaign’s positive messaging. The thousands who visit the landmark each day were given a little boost of encouragement from the Biggest Loser to continue to climb the steps of their personal goal and give a triumphant Rocky Balboa fist pump when they reached the top.

The campaign generated a successful season premiere launch and, more importantly, developed a personal connection with everyone trying to achieve their better selves. Win, win.

Produced more than 1,400 custom OOH ads.
1st brand in history to promote on the Rocky Balboa stairs

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