We out-delivered delivery.

We out-delivered delivery.

Fun Fact: 93% of all pizza delivery happens during football season. That’s great for delivery pizza, but DiGiorno is frozen pizza which is viewed as Plan B.

DiGiorno came to us for a breakthrough idea that not only would catch people’s attention, but would position DiGiorno as the life of the party, especially since delivery giants outspend DiGiorno 20:1.

Introducing “Oven Jam”: a piping hot hip-hop pizza anthem.

We created a campaign to celebrate the moments of people coming together with a DiGiorno pizza. Showcasing all the amazing moments that arise while a DiGiorno pizza bakes up hot and fresh in the oven.

DiGiorno started by bringing together the perfect mix of unique personalities, including Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, Redfoo from LMFAO, and top emerging musical artists with millions of followers online. We crafted a launch plan with a teaser trailer and myriad supporting content culminating in the release of a full music video during Week 1 of the NFL playoffs.

The campaign was a hit, from pop culture to actual sales, DiGiorno won the season.

Total integrated campaign generated 719 million impressions.

Featured in AdWeek, The Drum, The Daily Meal
Substantial lifts in awareness (aided and unaided) doubling CPG food averages.
Video views
Brand sales increase YOY.
Earned media impressions.