We made a small water brand stand out in a sea of same.

We made a small water brand stand out in a sea of same.
Icelandic Glacial

The premium water category has seen explosive growth over the past few years. Consumers face a near-infinite choice at shelf and were being bombarded with seemingly too-good-to-be-true product claims. Ranging from category entrants and industry titans’ huge-budget marketing campaigns, every brand is trying to convince shoppers their water is the next best thing.

But Ícelandic Glacial is actually different. They are the first end-to-end carbon-neutral bottled water with water that is naturally alkaline and pure-tasting. They had a great story, but competition was pushing them out of consumers’ minds and off the shelf. We couldn’t just tell Ícelandic Glacial’s story – we needed to break through (on a shoestring budget).

Our solution? We developed a fully integrated campaign that invited consumers to Be Ícelandic, with striking visuals and clear communication that resonate with our target. The TV, OOH, digital and POS invited consumers to embody the best of Iceland while highlighting the shared values and priorities between consumers and the company – from a fierce, independent spirit to environmental responsibility and conscious decision-making.

We started by creating a visual identity for the brand that brings our consumer and source together with striking, arresting imagery that is authentic to Iceland and completely differentiated from anything in the category. We then layered in provocative language, supported by product attributes, that clearly communicates Ícelandic Glacial’s USPs.

The work was entirely produced during the COVID-19 pandemic without disruption or difficulty. Our creative, production and photography teams worked with overseas artists to redefine the Ícelandic Glacial brand and launch a fully integrated campaign—in only 2 weeks time.

The Be Ícelandic campaign launched with highly targeted messaging, based on geography and retail partnerships. By being strategic with our placement and messaging, our TV, OOH and social helped Ícelandic Glacial stand out in the sea of same and steal coveted shelf space from some of the largest water brands.

Produced fully-integrated campaign during the Covid-19 pandemic in only two weeks.

Icelandic recorded the best sales in company history during the campaign period.
Shot remotely with overseas director and VFX team.